Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keeping it Real

Thanx to The Wealth of Home for giving me something fun to do on a Thursday afternoon.
The rules are: take the picture--no fussing, no fixing it up--just a snapshot of your life, today, as is.

1. Kitchen Sink.  This is actually really good.  Usually the whole dishwasher load is waiting in the sink before it gets loaded.
2. Inside of the refrigerator.
3. Your shoes.  These are the ones I had on, and probably my favorite ones too.
4.  Your closet.

5. Your laundry pile. 

a.  The clean clothes on the washer
b. The slipcovers for the couch (for their annual cleaning).
c. Hamper in our room.
d. Consolidated boys' laundry 
e and f. The two baskets of clothes I just finished putting away before I read the blog to take these pictures.

6.  What your kids are doing.
a. Blanket is sleeping.  (Actually I took this photo at the end because he was fussing himself to sleep while I was taking the household photos)
b. Tiger is in the sandbox (I took this one last because I knew he would want my attention once he saw me).  What happened after this photo is a whole other post unto itself.
7. Your favorite room.  My bedroom because it is the only one we have spent any money decorating.  All the rest don't match at all!  Though I miss our bedroom in our MI house because we painted the walls RED.
I must confess, I made the bed and stashed a couple of things under the bed (you can see them creeping back out).  It's my favorite room when it is clean!
8. Your toilet.  Mr. Popularity--it's downstairs so it gets used all the time.
9.  Fantasy Vacation.  Hawaii.  I've been to lots of places in Europe, but I am a sucker for tourist traps.  Besides, who wouldn't want to visit Paradise.
10.  Self portrait.  Sorry, didn't work as well as I wanted, but I was hurrying to get all the photos taken. 
Feel free to be tagged.  This was really kind of fun!

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