Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Power of a Suction Cup

That's right, power, not strength.  Last night I was surfing the internet because the boys were in bed.  I had used up all my happy mommy earlier in the day.  Tiger has a cold and thus is whiny significantly more than normal (I barely have patience for normal whiny).  Blanket is getting the same cold.  Tiger whined all the way through bath time, and during dinner he whined for my food, not what I gave to him.  B.A.R. is on a business trip,  and while he isn't the most involved dad, just having someone else to help at all is a great thing at the end of the day.

So while I am surfing, I hear a CRASH!! It sounded like it came from upstairs, like a curtain rod gave out.  While I was searching for the sound Blanket woke up and started screaming and screaming.  I was hoping he was going to put himself back to sleep.  I looked in the boys' rooms for the mess, nothing.  I looked in our closets, shower, nothing.  I looked in the basement, garage, nothing.  I even took  the spotlight outside and looked to see if a tree had crashed through my roof, nothing. 

I was sure that I wasn't the only one who heard it, because Blanket was going like mad in his crib.  I got him up and cuddled him.  I put him back down almost asleep.  He continued his previous protesting for another HOUR.  I was sure he was going to give up, but he had other plans.  I decided that there was no way I was going to be able to sleep unless I gave in and put Blanket to bed with me.  

Right before I went to get him out of bed, I thought to check the boys' bathroom.  The towel rod was still in place, but the bag of toys in the tub had fallen.  The suction cups gave way and all the toys went clattering into the tub.   All this crying and waking and being mad (civil mommy left a while ago) over a suction cup!

So I take Blanket to bed (at 7 months he wiggles too much for my liking) and basically wait for him to get really asleep before I creep away from him so that I too, can sleep.  He wakes at 4 and wants to eat for 30 minutes, I must have fallen asleep soon after that, because I was still holding him when Tiger came in at 6:45 and woke us up.  I could have slept for another 2 hours, I think Blanket could have too.

Ah, the power of a simple suction cup to ruin my night!

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