Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiger's Birthday

So Sunday was Tiger's birthday, and we celebrated. He spent all week leading up to his birthday trying to get us to have the festivities early.

On Friday we went and bought his birthday presents. He got money from his grandparents on Thursday so we went and picked out his presents. I had been telling him since Christmas that he would be getting a Doodle Pro for his birthday, and he kept telling me he wanted a truck instead. My house is overrun with trucks, really. While we were at Target he picked out the Doodle Pro without any fuss. Then he picked out 5 or so other things that he wanted. He would see something and decide that was the gift and then something better would come along and that was the gift. He finally settled on some more Take Along Thomas trains for his collection. The best part was when he got the ones he wanted he didn't even ask for anything else. He really got what he wanted. He spent all afternoon Friday playing with his trains in the package, and all day Saturday asking if he could unwrap them and play with them.

Around Blanket's b-day I asked Tiger if he wanted a tractor cake or a train cake. Train cakes are traditional in our family but Tiger is a big fan of tractors so I wanted him to have the option. For a week or two he said he wanted a tractor cake, and then he changed his mind in Jan. He told me every week that he wanted a train cake. So, a train cake he got. I made it on Saturday morning and let him pick the frosting color. He spent Saturday asking if we could eat the cake.

Thank goodness for 8:30 church on Sunday. He didn't have time to ask about the presents and cake Sunday morning, and so we had the festivities for lunch.

After a lunch of cake he played for a few minutes and then came in the other room and asked if he could play with his trains (now partially unwrapped). So we did the unwrapping thing and he has been playing with them every day since.

He even gets up in the morning and goes downstairs to play with them instead of bugging me. The only problem is now he is even more possessive of his trains and screams if Blanket gets in the room with his trains.

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Jenny said...

Glad he had a good birthday!