Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A milestone morning.

Really, this shouldn't be news: Blanket sits.   

But he really just sat himself up for the first time ever.  Usually he whines on his back forever until you get tired of the noise.  And he can make quite the noise.  Then you sit him up and he scoots instead of crawling.

In the last month the scooting has progressed to "swimming".  He will pull himself up our step and slide across the hardwood or tile on his belly.    As he still doesn't crawl, this is the best he can do.  

Lately he has been working with his legs a little more and putting some small attempts at crawling together.  These are really only attempts.  There is no arm/leg coordination while on his belly.

So, just a minute ago I changed his diaper on his back and left him there laying on a pillow.   He turned on his side and slid off the pillow.  He worked himself onto his belly and did the swimming thing across the floor.  Then the most amazing thing happened: he got into the crawling "start" position (a first for this)  and from that he sat himself up.  He sat there for a minute and was so proud of himself.  Then he scooted off on other adventures. 

He may yet crawl before he walks, but I won't bet on it.  I hope now he will learn to sit himself up in his crib.

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Jenny said...

Yay! Good job, Blanket!