Saturday, February 28, 2009

Independent or Ignored

I don't know whether to think that I have a resourceful child, or that I am a bad parent.  Tiger sort of asked me for some cereal with milk on it (as opposed to eating it dry) and then told me he wanted his movie, no cereal, no movie, etc. so I ignored him.  Then he came in the office to see me and told me he really wanted cereal.  
"Which cereal?  Square (mini wheats) or round (Cheerios)?"
"Square cereals."
"Ok. Let's get you a clean bowl."  I reach for his bowl and it has 10 or so mini wheats in it: dry.  The bag of mini wheats is on the table, and I know I left it on the counter.  
"Mom, I want milk on it."
Really, he just needed help with the milk part.  Resourceful? Ignored?  You decide.

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