Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Joy

I got a Hallmark ornament from my mother in law this Christmas that I really loved. It was perfect. It is Linus giving his "What Christmas is All About" speech. I couldn't find a good image, and it proved too hard to photograph well. But it is Linus on stage with the mic. The video below has the speech in it.

I must confess, when I think about my little boy, this is what I want him to be. This is the kind of person I want him to grow up and be like. I want him to know that this should be his role model. And now, he can see it every Christmas on the tree, and push the button over and over. I never get tired of that speech. Ever.

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Jenny said...

I agree. I've always admired Linus for telling everyone what the true meaning of Christmas is. He is, in effect, bearing his testimony. That's always been may favorite part of that cartoon.