Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advent calendar

Here's my excuse for not blogging.  It's an advent calendar.  All the little things are pockets and I can hide candy or quotes or toys or whatever in it for Christmas next year.  This is what I wanted that shimmery fabric for, I wanted it for the star, but I didn't find what I wanted so I used a yellow piece that I had instead.
Why? Why did I make a Christmas decoration AFTER Christmas, you ask?  Well, because all the fabric was on clearance.  The yellow for the star was a piece I had bought and never used. The green and red for the packages were left over from when I made stockings 2.5 years ago. The  rest was all on sale!   And I was much more in the Christmas spirit after the holiday this year than I was before it.  I also felt like Christmas lasted longer because of this.

If you can't tell, I love stripes and plaids.  Love them.  So orderly, so mixed up, so great.


Jenny said...

Very cute. I like it.

Booher Blogs said...

I found some gold shimmery fabric at the Salvation Army yesterday. Too late! Oh well, if you need if for something else let me know.