Monday, November 3, 2008

Vanishing Act

The vanishing act really started as an "appearing" act. Our friend (Herrod) asked if we could put up his parents overnight while they drove across the country. That was a couple of weeks ago. I remember because 2 hours after they vanished I cut my finger. The whole situation was a little wierd, but we did have 2 days notice, sort of. L and K did say they would need a place to stay on the way back (whenever that was going to be).

At 5:00 pm on Halloween B.A.R. tells me L and K are arriving in an hour. I was a little put out because I had already made dinner for us (and not them), my house was still a disaster, I had lots of unfolded/dirty laundry. The appearance of L & K was so going to put a damper in my holiday. Then the other shoe drops.

B.A.R. says that their car needs to be fixed. FIXED? Are they staying with us until it is fixed? I'm so going to kill Herrod for this!! They had borrowed Herrod's Ford Focus for the trip and B.A.R. works for the blue oval, so he has tools to diagnose this problem.

He finds out that it needs a fuel pump, and that we can definitely get one on Saturday. :)) So while I am trick or treating with the boys, and passing out candy after we came back, B.A.R. is out in the garage making a smelly, grimy mess getting the tank empty and the pump out. BTW: my garage and washer still smell like gasoline.

At 7:50 am he leaves to go get the pump (another nightmare) and returns at 8:45.

At 9:30 am I put Blanket down for a nap and a movie in for Tiger. I commit the vanishing act and go to get my stitches out, finally. I wish my stitches had joined in the vanishing painlessly. When I returned at 10:15, L & K were gone (and Tiger had just figured out that I had vanished).

HOORAY HOORAY for B.A.R. That car couldn't have been fixed any faster if we had taken it to the dealer to get it fixed. He made them disappear just 2 hours later than if they weren't having car trouble.

B.A.R. suggested that Herrod and his family come visit us for Christmas as payment for fixing his car. Can I make them vanish too?


danandcami said...

so did you get your stitches out? Speaking of Vanishing acts, where was tiger yesterday?

The Evelands said...

I love it! Who is Herod?

Landee said...

If Herrod reads your blog then I think you just solved your own problem.