Saturday, November 8, 2008

My year's supply at work.

Most of you who read this are aware of the admonition to have a year's supply of food and other neccessities for your family.  Thursday, Tiger helped me realize that some of it can be saved and used at the same time.  
I have heard of people making end tables out of 6 cases of #10 cans or other ways to store it and use it at the same time, but I couldn't believe what Tiger did.  I gave him 2 rolls of paper towels to restock the kitchen with.  He started stacking them up "to build a tower."  I gave him the rest of the Costco pack to build with.  He knows they are "wipes" but they are "blocks" until they are unwrapped.
They have been towers, trains, walls, and pillows over the last 3 days.  Endless fun with "food storage."  Who knew?
This was my project this afternoon: homemade finger paint.  It was really easy.  I got the recipe here.  I did the original one because I thought that cooking it would give it the consistency I wanted.  The only thing I would add is cook it just until the mixture turns to pudding.  It happens really fast and it takes longer than the directions say it will.  I used food items that I had on hand for "food storage."  It isn't toxic and is made with food coloring, cornstarch, sugar, salt and water.   Your kids can eat it and you don't have to worry about what chemicals it was made with. 
I am so excited to try it out.  Tiger saw it before he went to bed and he really wanted to play with it too.   I don't know how well it is going to go though.  He doesn't like gooey things on his fingers and is always wiping PB on his shirt while he eats his sandwiches.  Maybe I'll give him an old shirt to wear to avert disaster.

In other news, today I took the boys outside to play and was raking leaves.  Tiger wanted to help so I raked him a really big pile to run through and to unrake.  I raked a small pile around Blanket.  Normally he eats leaves when there is only one or two near him, but being seated in the middle of a pile was enough for him to make a "leaf angel" and shriek wildly about how much fun it was.   I reraked the pile around him a few times to continue the fun.  Tiger helped me fill a garbage can with leaves.  His favorite part was getting to jump on the leaves to tamp them down.  He was such a big help and didn't even care about getting to "play" outside.

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danandcami said...

Let me know how the finger paint turns out. Funny how the inexpensive "toys" keep them entertained for days.