Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Frankenfinger (grossness follows)

I'm sitting here looking at my finger in its new form.  The last of the sliced skin has been removed and I have been contemplating my new "frankenfinger."  I noticed that most of the repaired area of skin is still void of fingerprints, though they are starting to develop out where the old joins the new.  I notice that I am missing most of my feeling in the repaired flap, but right at the tip of my finger all the nerves work overtime.  The Dr. did warn me that it may take a year to regain total feeling in the repaired part, and until then I would have strange sensations as the nerves find each other again.  It does appear all the bruising has cleared up and blood flows normally again.   It is still very grotesque so I am not ready to take a picture of it yet.  I will post one when I feel it has normalized more.

Maybe the best part is: it will make a great conversation piece for the rest of my life!

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Tifferz said...

I really want to see your finger in it's current state. Please post a photo!!!