Sunday, November 30, 2008


Blanket's new nickname is Entropy. He takes anything he can get his hands on and makes the biggest mess possible with it. I helped him with this mess. I put the blocks on the stool one at a time, and he knocked them across the room. I remember Tiger went through this phase and I didn't like it at all. I have accepted the mess this time, but I will be happy when this phase is over.

Blanket has another new nickname: Scooter. He doesn't crawl, but he has finally learned to scoot around on his bum. He pulls with his hands and wiggles his feet. He can get as far as he wants, but it takes a long time to go anywhere like that, so he mostly stays in the same room. This new skill makes him a more dangerous disaster maker.

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Jenny said...

My dad, a chemist, has always refered to my children as "high entropy units." It's a good description for a little boy.