Sunday, November 23, 2008


"I'm happy.  I'm sick!!!"

That's what I said after I got off the phone with my doctor yesterday.  I never thought that I would be so happy to have a diagnosis.  After being miserable for a few days I had actually started to feel a little better yesterday, not right, but better.   I know the doc told me the official name of what I have, but I don't really remember.   It is some sort of amoebic parasite.  Supposedly, it is really common if you drink the water in the mountains.  Every year a handful of people along the Front Range (the name for the area that I live) get it although they didn't drink the water.    Officially it falls in the "amoebic dysentery" category, but I am not that sick.  In fact, I feel better just in time to pull off Blanket's birthday and Thanksgiving.

I do have to take 10 days worth of medication I have to take.  All is not perfect, but it is looking  a lot better.  

I am glad I asked to be screened for botulism.  Although that is not what it turned out to be, it is that wide-spectrum test that found my illness.  I am not sure I would have the patience at this point to keep looking for a cause.  I am thankful for medication and for a diagnosis.  I am happy even if I complain about how nasty my medicine tastes.


Jenny said...

I'm glad you found out what's ailing you. It's always nicer to know what's wrong so you can get started fixing it. I hope you're all better soon.

Brumbaugh Family said...

Yea for you!!