Monday, January 3, 2011

Reasons for my absence

These are my extended absence excuses.

1. I have 3 children that are home all day and demand my attention (refereeing) most of that time.
2. Blanket got potty-trained.
3. Mac army crawls.
4. I read 19 books last year.
5. I sewed and sewed and sewed (see upcoming post).
6. I watched every episode of Glenn Beck since June. Most from my DVR while I sew.
7. I survived Christmas, and all the preparations.
8. Mac had a baby blessing (way back in May).
9. I haven't slept 8 hours in a row in more than a year and a half. I am generally tired.
10. I keep finding interesting books that I don't have time to read or even listen to (audiobooks).
11. We are painting our main floor and spent all of last week painting all the walls save one (I don't think I can take the TV down w/o breaking it so B.A.R. is asking his coworker to help him move it, paint behind it, and put it back).
12. It seems like Mac has had a cold since Labor Day (save a week or two) and has been cranky, consequently.
13. I have been following the news, not writing my own.
14. I stayed up all night watching election returns. No, really.
15. I applied for, and obtained a CHP. I even went to the courthouse twice.
16. Two of my kids had birthdays.
17. I made a Halloween costume.
18. We did family pictures in October.
19. We replaced 2 couches and a chair with a sectional (free of course)
20. I looked high and low for 2 chronically missing toys (parts to shape sorter and alphabet toys) without finding them.
21. I found the two missing toys deep in the recesses of my mauve lay-z-boy (a month or so after the great toy quest). I also found a tube of neosporin, 2 spoons, a pencil, a sucker stick, a dozen Q-tips and lots of unmentionables.
22. We disposed of the Lay-z-boy before it could hide any more treasures.
23. I changed out all my kids clothing for the next size (Tiger 5t, Blanket 2t, Mac 12 mo)

I hope to blog more regularly in the coming months, but I realize I am a busy mom who likes sewing and reading as much as blogging (and sometimes more).


I have a good life said...

to many of those reasons, I echo, "Ditto." I want to blog a lot more than I do. Sounds like we both have a lot going on! :)

Booher Blogs said...

I am catching up on your blog and wondering what CHP is.