Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Track around the world.

Maybe not around the world, but around the house for sure. Way back in the summer Santa scored all this great Thomas stuff for a smallish price. Ever since we had wondered if there was enough to go "all the way around". All the way around our downstairs, that is. And since B.A.R. is out of town for the next few days (and I don't have to pick up toys for any good reason) I added on to the Brendham Docks and Tidmouth Sheds the boys had started with. Note: these are not all the buildings/track we have. 3 buildings, 1 bridge and about 10 little adapter tracks were not needed to build this.

Now for our tour
We start at Brendham Docks and Tidmouth Sheds in the Front/playroom

Out to the junction and onto the hallway tile.

Down the hallway, past the stairs, laundry and a broken-down train.

Past the basement steps and around the corner.

Along the other hallway waving to the office and the bathroom as you pass.

Down the step to the TV room (new white sectional shown) and turning the corner into the kitchen.

Up the step and past the trash can.

Kitchen hardwood covered and into the dining room.

Final corner and dining table avoidance.

Back to the playroom.
Stop at the carnival.

Back to the junction.

Note the use of lots of curved track at the end because I was all out of straight track. Now back to my adult chores.

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