Thursday, January 13, 2011

This post needs a picture, and maybe it will get one later.

I noticed something today. Mac is lighter when he sleeps.

When he is awake he loves to be held. But it is almost impossible for me to hang on to him. He wiggles and squirms. He is looking at the floor, at the ceiling, at almost everything that is around him. He moves and bends and twists and dips and arches and curls and pushes and pulls and grabs and scratches and pokes and reaches. He is my baby who needs to be held, carried, and cuddled the most. He is also the one who is the most likely to make you want to put him down. 20 pounds of long, skinny, wiggly boy is quite a workout to hold onto.

Twice today (well 3 times if you count the middle of the night) he has fallen into a deep sleep and I have carried him. Both times I thought "he seems so light." It must be that 20 pounds isn't all that much if it isn't constantly being added onto by all sorts of directional movement.

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