Friday, January 15, 2010

The Best of Cousins

While the cousins were here there were some memorable things said. Things worth documenting and worth sharing with you.

  • Blanket (whiny) "BABY'S TOUCHING ME!!!!!!!!"
  • Tiger (happily) "I said 'Hey. Check it out. There is a hook stuck on the front of that Jeep.'"
  • Tiger (authoritatively) "Leprechaun, don't yell at me!"
  • Leprechaun (tattling) "Daddy, Tiger yelled at me!"
  • Leprechaun (from the back of the car while the movie was on) "Can we dance, slowly?"
  • Tiger "Mommy is your name A___?" "Daddy is your name M___?"
  • Blanket (pointing as if making introductions) "Hi Mom. That['s] Leprechaun. That['s]Baby."

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