Thursday, January 14, 2010

Proof of progress

I took the camera with me to the hospital today. I realized we had no pictures of Mac in the incubator. He was moved off the warming bed and into the isolette on 1/7/10.

Today they had the temp turned down so far that I feared tomorrow he might not be in it anymore. I might miss the opportunity to document his progress. When he went in it was turned up to 32.5 or so. If he gets all the way down to 28.0 then he gets rid of his box.

Yes, he still has some (limited) oxygen assistance. His Dr. said that if he were at sea level, this would not be a problem. It's just so hard to keep up your O2 levels at 6000 feet. Hopefully bigger lungs will mean easier breathing. For bigger lungs he has to grow, and that's what it's all about right now.

Yesterday he was 4 lbs 2.7 oz. That's almost 3 total oz above birthweight.

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danandcami said...

Love this post and the fact he is making good progress. Hugs from Australia!!