Monday, April 14, 2008

Zoo Trip and weekend thoughts

So we went to the zoo today.  This was not BC's first visit--he and I went last summer on someone else's pass. We bought a pass so we can go all year.  Well, all summer.  I don't want to go when it is really cold and snowy.

I think he had a good time, but he wasn't super excited like at the museum.  I think his favorite part of the day was when we walked by a skid steer and the driver got in it and drove it away.  We went all the way to the zoo so that he could see a SKID STEER! 

He did like the polar bears and lions. We saw a cheetah up  close.  He liked the giraffes, elephants and bison.  There is so much to see there isn't enough time to see it all in half a day. 

I didn't take any pictures of BL at the zoo because he was either strapped to me, or sleeping in the stroller still in the front-pack.  BL was a trooper, he only cried to eat or have his diaper changed.    I think I will just plan on BL being in the stroller and making BC walk the whole time.   

I have included a picture of BL that we took when we got home so that you can see how cute he really is.  BC now says cute all the time.  BL cute.  BC cute. 
Thomas (the tank engine) cute.  He is a smart kid. 
He loves his brother so much.  BL thinks the world of him too.  You can see the hero-worship already happening.  When BC does something interesting or funny BL is there to watch or laugh or egg him on.  BL will stop fussing if BC is talking to him. 

The best part about today though was the weather.  I got a sunburn and so did BC.  (I forgot sunblock and hats.)  It was 73 today.  It was 60+ when we got to the zoo at 9:45.  Tomorrow is supposed to be about the same, and then snow for Wednesday.  We will probably go to the museum on Friday because the high is in the 60's. 

The snow isn't really unexpected.  See it snowed last Thursday.  (That's a picture out my back door).  It was still really cold last Friday, and even snowed a little bit Saturday night and we had snowflakes and frost yesterday morning.
I hadn't even gone anywhere between the rain last Wednesday afternoon (that turned to snow) and Saturday night.  DH and I went out for my B-day (we couldn't get a sitter the saturday before) to a place called North Woods Inn.  I liked it.  It had lots of dead animals on the walls, and wasn't at all like your traditional restaurants.  I would love to know what they put in their cottage cheese (I think it was chopped green onions, salt, pepper, and something else).   Soup comes in a pot, and everyone gets the same thing except the meat that you order.  I had killer prime rib.  It was really nice to get out without the kids.

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