Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Dishwasher Saga Continues. . . and ends for the most part

I should have known it was too good to be true.  Yesterday my parts came from Maytag.  Well, the one was right (the one I broke, not the one I have been seeking).  I didn't even open them until after the boys were in bed.  I knew from how the package felt that the one wasn't right.  So I called them today.  They still had no idea what part I really needed, but did give me credit (don't send it back) for the one that I didn't need. 

I decided that the more information I had, the better.  I went back to The Maytag Store armed with both the boys and a determination to leave there with information and a direction.  I walked in and started yanking open dishwasher after dishwasher looking for other models that also took this part.  The salesman was not rude, but he couldn't understand what I was doing this for.  I had him write down the model numbers of ones that took this part.  He wouldn't give me serial numbers (the #$%$%%$) but I left with more information than I came with!!  Since I went all the way over there I decided to stop at Costco and get the last couple of items I couldn't buy last week because they wouldn't fit in the car or had been forgotten.

After Costco BC had lunch and went to bed about 15 min late.  Then I call Maytag back armed with Model numbers and not serial numbers.  The girl I get this time tells me she can't email me a parts diagram (then how did I  get one emailed to me earlier today?) and hangs up on me!
I promptly call back, FURIOUS.  I get about the same response from the next Customer Service agent and I SCREAM for her manager.  Who tries to calm me down and then explains that I did get sent the wrong part. The part I need is. . . the part that PARTS SERVICE SENT ME (99002710)!  No, really, that ISN'T THE RIGHT PART!!!! REALLY.  

 I do squeeze a phone number for the local parts distributor here in Denver (they sell parts to the repairmen).  First, she had to ask me where Colorado was. She couldn't find it on a map. No, I am not kidding.  Yes, she was probably old enough to be my mom, and was from the south.  She could find Nevada, was it close to Nevada?  

Then she sends me back to the parts department via conference call (at least she didn't hang up on me).  I get someone else who looks at the other model numbers that I have and just can't seem to come up with anything.  He sends me an email (!) with the diagram from one of the new models, but, alas, it too is wrong.  I have to call back and I get the guy I spoke with first today! He decides that there is no way he is going to know which is the right part and sends my dilemma to parts research and they should get back to me within a week (can you hear me crying?)

Meanwhile, I am making bread to take to my neighbors (I haven't met them yet).  I made the dough before we went to Costco, and it was all done rising when we got back.  Before I called back the second time I finished the loaves and left them to rise in the pans.  While on phone call #4 I was putting them in the oven for 45 min.  

Also while the dough rises and customer service is horrible I am using my new model numbers to locate any information on these other dishwashers.  I start coming across all different part numbers that I can't find pictures for, and so each time I call back I am armed with new and different part numbers that I ask about.  

One number came up as a latch (that's what I needed), but when I asked parts about it they told me it was a tine assembly.  Odd.  That wasn't what I needed, nor was that what the part was called.

Bread baking, babies sleeping, I call 1st Source (the parts distributor).  He tells me I need a
99002710.  No, I don't.  I already have one.  He then offers that if I bring him my part he will look at it and find me one.  This sounds promising except I have to wait until the bread is done and BC is awake.

Right after I get the bread out of the pans BC wakes up.  I change his pull-up (I am not stopping for a potty for anything!), I promise "cloth" and snacks and drinks and books in the car and DVDs when we get back if we can just leave now (3:00) with a smile! I grab the baby, coats, parts, part numbers, model numbers, directions, but not diapers and we leave in a mad rush.  I have to drive all the way past downtown Denver over to this industrial/seedy part of town in late afternoon in a brewing snowstorm.

Traffic is as expected (slow for 10 miles or so).  I got a little lost trying to find the place, but there was a big truck in my way the first time I drove by the road.  I got out there and had the best service I have had relating to my dishwasher.  They used all the information I gave them. One guy was going to give me one off a new rack until the other one said he looked up that number that came back to a tine assembly (99003484).  He said it is listed as a latch but supersedes to 99003577 tine assembly.  

I understand this.  This is parts speak.  This is wow!  I spend $20 to get the $5 part I needed because the part supersedes and only comes as an assembly.  I understand.  All is clear, and I get a lifetime parts replacement guarantee from these guys--in writing.  I grab all my parts and papers and shove them in the box.  I grab the kids and hurry out into the building snowstorm.  I drive back across Denver in almost rush hour with snow.  We get back at 4:45.  I have my part.  My dishwasher is fixed.  I will never call Maytag to order a part again.  I may call them tomorrow and ask for my money back on the second part I bought from them because it, too, came on the assembly. 

I just spoke to DH on the phone (he is traveling).  He wants to write to Maytag and tell them how horrible their customer service is.  How they had the information the whole time, and couldn't sell me the right part.  And how their customer service manager didn't pass Geography.   :)

I feel oddly disconcerted.  I should be happy and relieved, but I am not.  I think because I had to get so angry and frustrated and work so hard to get so little that the happy I do feel hasn't overcome the negative emotions.  Maybe tomorrow I will do something more fulfilling and meaningful and finally find my happy place.


I have a good life said...

So glad that it is fixed. What a huge pain! Again..I am just amazed at your writing ability. That post kept me enthralled the whole way like a novel! :)

Skye said...

Good greif! Talk about a nightmare! I am glad that you were able to finally get the right part.