Friday, April 4, 2008

Do you believe in coincidence?

Today started out with DH going to a machine gun shoot.  That's where people who own machine guns have a little show that lasts all day or all weekend where you can watch them shoot their guns.  It goes without saying. . .the camera went with him.

I knew he would be gone from 7 am until after we all go to bed.  I decided that today would be a great day for us to get out and do something fun away from the house all day.  I originally wanted to go to the zoo, but the only good temps today were going to be during nap time.  I opted for the Children's Museum of Denver instead.  I got all ready and packed up for the day early.  

We were out the door at 9 am.  Not 15 minutes later BC says "ungry. Ogurt. Yogurt. Applesauce. Yeah."  

Normally, the kid eats a piece of cheese or part of half a peanut butter sandwich for lunch with some juice.  The last three or four days he has been eating snacks constantly, and then eating his meals too.  BC's breakfast is usually 16 oz of milk.  Today he had that and 40 or so Cheerios, and was begging for food 20 minutes later.  

I told him what was for lunch: a whole sandwich, a cheese stick, and some crackers.  He seemed satisfied that when we got where we were going he would get something to eat, and sat quietly for the next 10 minutes or so until we arrived.

He got excited when we got there to find out what great place we had come to (he gets excited about anywhere he thinks we are going that should interest him.   So we got all packed into the stroller with him walking along holding my hand and I notice another mom with her son walking as she pushes a stroller.  I happened to notice her license plates were Utah USU plates. 

Anyway, we get to the ticket desk at the same time and the other mother points out that our sons are dressed the same: a gray sweatshirt and jeans.  I commented that if one got lost the other would notice and would return them.  She showed her pass and went right in, I bought my pass and so was a few minutes behind her.  

There is a full size fire engine right after you walk in and BC was all about seeing it, right after we go potty, twice.  As soon as we get over there though, he insists that we go upstairs-no fire truck, upstairs!!  So we get upstairs and I direct him into this area where you can play trains (see four train tables).   We are the only ones in there for a while and he is happy.  Then a few more people trickle in including this woman I mentioned earlier.   I was holding BL so he wouldn't fuss and I asked the other mother (as she was reaching for her baby) how old her baby was.  She said he was 4 months.  I answered that BL was also that old.  

"When's his birthday?"
"Nov 30."
"Really, BL's is Nov 28."
"How old is your other son?"
"He turned 2 in Feb"
"Mine too."
"What day?"
"8th for mine."
I told her I had seen her plates and asked her how long she had been living in CO.  I told her that I was from UT, but that I hadn't lived there in a long time.  We sat and talked about our kids and moving to CO and stuff while our boys played/shared/fought over the trains and we fed our babies.  It was so amazing how alike our 4 little boys were, and I probably wouldn't have said anything if I hadn't seen the UT plates on her car.

We ran into each other later at this other exhibit especially for the 4 and under crowd.  I am sure I will see her there again since we now have a pass.  
Do you believe in coincidence?  I don't.

Now for the rest of the trip.  BC had a great time.  He used the potty, and I couldn't get him to leave.  At 11 I told him we could go outside and have lunch. No, he was busy playing.  Again at 11:30, at 12, finally, at 12:30 I convinced him that he was hungry and we should go out to the park so that he could eat.  

Truthfully, I was afraid that he would only want to play on the playground, and wouldn't eat lunch.  He ate lunch.  His whole peanut butter sandwich with crusts, and his cheese and water. I thought he would probably eat crackers too if I sat and waited for him, but BL wanted to go to sleep and I was tired of watching BC eat.   So we went back to the car and came home.  BC fell asleep about 10 min from home, but awoke when we pulled in the driveway.   He came in and went right to bed.  It was 1:45.  

At 4:45 I heard him start waking up.  I think I am going to like going to the museum!


I have a good life said...

Hey. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! :) Have a good one.

Sox said...

How is it EVERYONE that I haven't spoken too in YEARS remembers my birthday? I have a chart to keep track of the ones in our extended family. I can usually remember the week they fall, but the day never!