Monday, April 26, 2010

For the first time

B.A.R. and I have been married for almost 9 years. We have lived in 4 states, in 3 time zones. We have had 6 addresses and have owned 3 homes. We have done dozens of different things living in all of those places. It's hard to imagine that there was anything we wanted to do together that we had never done before.
Then, on April 3, we did something we had never done in almost 9 years. We watched LDS General Conference in our own home. We purchased a TV, and satellite TV service just for the occasion.
B.A.R. really wanted to buy us a new TV for Christmas, but thought they were a little overpriced. Then Samsung came out with a newer model and this one was really inexpensive (as far as plasmas go). We both wanted a plasma (instead of LED) and wanted it big enough to truly enjoy. So for my birthday/late Christmas we got a new TV:

A new 58" plasma with HD capability is just no good without HD programming, and so we got DISH network to go with it. The day after it was installed (the transition took most of the day) we got to sit in our house and enjoy Conference.
That little shelf (on the side) love it too.
Firsts: Buy TV, Buy TV Programming, Watch Conference from home.

To see what we got rid of see this post, and this post to understand us and our purchasing choices better.

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