Friday, October 23, 2009

With apologies to Bing

I'm dreaming of a fall-colored Halloween
Where the trees tops still cling tightly to the last few leaves
and children go trick or treating without parkas.

I'm dreaming of a cool Halloween
like the one we had last year. (minus the stitches in my finger)
Where the trunk or treat does not involve heaters
and the costumes are not hidden under coats.

Really, since we relocated to the great state of CO Halloween has felt more like January. With the exception of last year.

The first year B.A.R. was here by himself and watching it snow.
The second year it was 26 degrees or so for trick or treating.
The third year it was 15 degrees or so for trick or treating.
The forth year the weather was a pleasant 50 something and while I sat outside and passed out candy and B.A.R worked to remove a fuel pump.
This year is leaving little hope for a snow-free holiday.

Wednesday we had snow all day. Yesterday the 3-4 inches began melting and revealing all the ungathered leaves underneath. I have no doubt that the snow will all be gone by Saturday, but I am also sure it will snow again before next Saturday. Since when is Halloween supposed to remind you of Christmas?


danandcami said...

When you are in Colorado!! I can hardly remember a warm Halloween since we moved there in 2000. This one will be warm for us, but no trick or treating. Not even a trunk or treat or halloween school party. No Halloween here. There is Halloween stuff on the shelves but hasn't really taken hold I hear. It will be interesting to see what the day holds!!

Jenny said...

And more snow again today. Oh the joys of living in frigid Colorado.