Thursday, October 1, 2009

Preschool learning

So I didn't send Tiger to preschool this year for various reasons; none of them had to do with his mental readiness. He will definitely go next year. We have been teaching him important things:
  • We are teaching him to subtract since he figured out how to add all by himself.
  • The difference between a "prop job" and a jet. Since we live close to an airport this learning happens whenever we are outside.
  • Logo recognition for all sorts of different shops and companies.
  • Vehicle recognition. Tiger can now tell the difference between a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Hummer and Fake (Toyota) truck. He knows the Honda logo and we are working on recognizing cars by logo too.
While we were outside this morning an Audi Allroad drove by and Tiger asked, "Mommy, is that a Jeep?"
"No, that's and Audi car."
"An owwee car?"
"Audi car."
"Mommy, thats an owwee car."

Conversation over.


What's the advantage of an Audi?
No Lint. Just ask Blanket.


danandcami said...

That is a funny story. I can just imagine the conversation. I think he is right it does sound like oowwee and the price probably is owwee to the pocket book!!

John and Kathy said...

Car brand recognition. You hit the important stuff first, I love it. Just remember to teach him he can recognize all of the cars but he can only buy a select few. That is the real education.

Jason Acosta said...

love it. jack does this too, although he get stuff mixed up by color. there is a picture of a yellow hummer in a book he has, so now every yellow suv is a hummer. so, the reasons for your blogger absence-are you in nursing school too?