Saturday, May 9, 2009

Subcapul hematoma

You and I usually call it a "goose egg."  It's the best kind of hematoma to have.  This picture does not do it true justice.  I took this photo about 22 hours after Blanket fell off a chair and bonked his head on the step. It looks about 90% better than it did 30 minutes after it happened.
In the 5 seconds between when it happened and when I picked him up it had ballooned to something the size of a 3 quarters stacked on top of one another.  I basically ran and put him in the car while I am screaming at Tiger to just get in the car so we can go.  It was 4 o'clock and that means "rush hour" traffic around here.  It took me 10 minutes of speeding to get to the urgent care.  Blanket stopped crying about halfway there and I got scared that he had passed out.  I was a little too emotional to have been driving.  We got there just fine and I was so relieved to see him happily awake in his car seat when I went to get him out.  He totally acted as though nothing was wrong despite the now golf-ball sized bump on his forehead.
He played happily in the waiting room while I freak out filling out the paperwork and forget the date.  I'm sure he had a headache, but didn't want anything to do with the ice pack they gave him.  That's so his personality.  Really, Mom, I'm fine.  
Then yesterday,  I was carrying him at the park when I sprained my ankle.  He got lucky and I dropped him over the concrete curb and into the wood chips.  His face is covered in lots of tiny scratches.  Again,  just fine 5 minutes later.  
Some days I wish my Tiger was as calm and collected as his brother.  Maybe I should be happy he isn't: it helps me appreciate Blanket's emotional range all the more.


Terresa said...

Big falls. Small kids. The two should be like oil and water but instead they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sorry -- hope he heals quickly. We've only had 1 ambulance trip to the ER out of our 4 little kids, but our fingers are crossed, not sure what tomorrow (or the next minute) will bring!
Btw, found you on Mormon Mommy blogs.

Jenny said...

Sorry to hear he got hurt, and that you got hurt! Hope you're both doing better.

Joanna said...

Oh no - what an awful week! I hope things get better! BTW - the sausage can make them yourself, so easy peasy:) Let me know if you want to know how - I actually have pictures I can email you of the whole process, start to end! They really are to DIE for :)