Friday, May 8, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

This conversation just happened in regards to my sprained ankle:

Tiger: "Mom, where is you other sock and other shoe?"

Sox: "Remember when I fell down at the park and I was sad?"

Tiger: "Yeah."

Sox: "Well,  now my foot is owwee.  My foot is broken."(not literally)

Tiger: "Mom, then you need a new one."

Another funny thing Tiger said today.  

"G-O, Mom, go."
He was holding the G and the O from his alphabet puzzle. He had chosen those two and made a word out of  them.   And he carried these around the house all morning telling me "G-O. Go."
This makes me happy.  He has known all his capital letters for more than a year.  I just got him some learning to read videos and his reading skills have really taken off.   I would love to teach him to read without the videos, but he has no patience for me teaching him.  Give him a video he can watch over and over and he will master any subject.   That's what I learned when I tried to teach him colors.  No amount of instruction from me helped him learn more than blue.  One video, twice a day, one week: color mastery.  Not my preferred method, but I will teach him any way he will learn.


danandcami said...

It sounds to me that your boys are the types of boys that do things the way they want and not when and how mom wants. Colors, walking, learning to read. I say do what you can. By the way I am really sorry to hear about your ankle. I sprain ankles easily and know your pain. How did you hurt it at the park? and How did you get home? I can't believe how much the boys have grown.

Jason Acosta said...

which videos?