Thursday, April 23, 2009

You know you're a mom when. . .

. . . you find Hot Wheels cars on the cookie sheet when you go to make cookies, and magnetic letters under it when you take it out.

. . . keeping interested parties out of the kitchen while you cook is for safety reasons, and not because help wouldn't be appreciated.

. . . you measure time in laundry units. For example.  I need to stop at home between this and this so I can change the laundry over, or I can be at the park until the dryer is done, or I can watch (show x) while I fold the laundry.

. . . your toddler unpots a plant 4 times in 4 days, and all  you do about it is repot the plant, vacuum the floor, and exhort your preschooler to leave the plant OUTSIDE!!!

. . .you're in love with the warm weather and your kids love of the sandbox.  You're just not in love with the entropy of sand.

. . . dry underwear is worth celebrating. 

. . . you feel a great milestone is reached when your preschooler turns off the light before he falls asleep, instead of falling asleep with it on.

. . . you look forward to having your VT over so that your kids will make a huge mess and have fun while you are having adult conversation. Meanwhile you have a  great excuse to ignore the mess that is being made.

. . . you tell yourself that a slow 20 minute walk with your kids is "exercise."

. . . you have to remove cars (or dolls) from your sewing table before you can sew.


danandcami said...

I LOVE it!! You are so right! Hope all is going well!

Jenni said...

Hey Sox! Love your blog! (this is the Jenni from book club) Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll. My particular fondness for warm weather is not having to make sure everyone has jackets, hats, mittens etc on. But I see you on the sand box issues!:)