Monday, December 1, 2008

Contest Winners Announced.

First, for all the entries:

Alice--  People often misunderstand my name as this and I don't like that.
Victoria-- My friend's daughter
Mary-- Have a friend named that, and fairly common
Sally-- My grandmother's nickname, and from Peanuts (against the rules)
Lois-- I have 2 friends named that!
Lola--  Isn't that a song by the Kinks?
Jane-- Doesn't she come with Dick?
Paige-- Friend
Nancy-- Person in my ward
Opal--  Car
Daisy--  Flower
Margaret-- Went to high school with someone named that
Blondie-- Not classic enough
Pepper--  Went to high school with someone named that

Dilbert--  Not classic enough
Clark-- Dated a guy named that
Milo--  Isn't that a cat from a Disney movie?
Frank-- Person in my ward
Ernest-- Person in my ward, and my friend's husband
Oliver Wendell Jones-- Maybe without the Wendell Jones part.
Arlo (2 entries)
Gunther-- trendy
Dennis-- Father in Law
Henry-- Person in the ward
Jake-- Nephew
Sam--  Too common 
Heathcliff--  Possibly too obscure
Garfield-- Presidential, like Tiger's name
Ziggy-- Marley?

And the winners are:  Margaret and Abner.  I like Frank, Oliver, and Ziggy too. 

So Birrd and Osborn6 send me a prize requests.  I will even FEDEX you fresh bread if you want.

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