Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sorry, I haven't felt like I have had much to blog about recently, but when I did finally think of something, I had to round up all the items to take photos.

This post deserves a little introduction. I am, as an adult, coming to truly appreciate who my father was. If you don't know, he died when I was thirteen. I find myself figuring things out, finding reasons why he did things, finding answers to questions that I can no longer ask. I enjoy the "Ah-HA" moments when they do come. It's like sharing a moment with him even though he isn't here with me.

I had one of these moments the other day. I don't remember what I was doing, but I suddenly realized why my dad gave me this:

for my fourth birthday. Incidentally, it still has the original batteries. I realized that he gave me a calculator so that I would stop stealing his:
and running the batteries down. I loved to punch the buttons and watch the numbers change. I couldn't get enough. Even now I love to just play. That may be the reason that I still have this:
and this:
and that B.A.R. kept this:
We both want an HP 48G, but they are really expensive. In my search to find a good photo of one, I learned that the newest model is a HP 50. Now I want that instead. I wish I had all different calculators that my dad had over the years, but I don't and it makes me sad. I know now that he was a calculating man (pun totally intended). Mostly he was calculating how to keep his batteries from being used up by someone who didn't even know how to multiply!


Ian and Kristin said...

That is so funny! I think I have about that many calculators too! Don't ask me why because I don't use any of them!

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

This is a very sweet post.
I still have my TI-85 graphing calculator around here somewhere. And I use my TI-30x that I got in junior high all the time. I think it still has it's original batteries, too, which doesn't really make sense considering that I use it a lot.

Julie Sherwood said...

I have an hp48G - I got in in college when I got "calculator envy" cuz my boyfriend had an hp48GX. I couldn't afford the GX, but I still have my 48G and I use it all the time - I think it has its original batteries in it too!

John and Kathy said...

OK, my dorkness is coming out. I have a TI 82(got it for free 2 weeks ago), a TI 83(bought it for $10 2 months ago), a TI 84 plus(to replace my TI 83 plus that burned out after many years of service), and a TI 89 Titanium(just to get me through 2 college courses 4 years ago).

None of them have the original batteries but all of them work.

I'm a geek.