Friday, May 28, 2010

Tiger's Conversation: Dogs

I was reading with Tiger the other day and we discussed getting a pet. He said he wanted a dog. I don't want a pet while I still have little kids that need to be cared for as much as a pet does.

Sox: You can have a dog when you get bigger and you can take care of it.

--Much moving around, wiggling, standing, stretching--

Sox: Do you need to go potty?
Tiger: No, I am getting bigger so that I can have a dog.
Sox: But you need to get a lot bigger.
Tiger: (stretching) I am getting a lot bigger.
Sox: You need to get big enough to take care of a dog.
Tiger: No I don't need to take care of the dog.
Sox: Why not?
Tiger: The dog will take care of me. Can I have a dog now?
Sox: Um, No.

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danandcami said...

He says such funny things!! Thanks for sharing!